Yes, You Could Be The Perfect Candidate For This Shot

Three reasonable questions have been asked about this form of medical treatment. It has to do with the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or ED. The natural and effective treatment being highlighted here is the priapus shot. The first question being asked is to do with what kind of results to expect. That would be quite understandable among tentative readers who are feeling traumatized at this time. The second question covers all the likely benefits to be experienced from having a priapus shot.

But the big question here is asking. It is good that men ask the question. All they want to know is whether they are ideal candidates for the priapus shot. If they have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for quite some time, they could very well be ideal candidates for that first shot. But this will depend on a full and proper diagnosis from the specialist medical practitioner. And do bear in mind that only qualified medical practitioners will be handling this treatment process.

Rest assured, that this is not some or another cheap over the counter treatment that may or may not work. This treatment is non-surgical, natural and it is safe too, provided of course, that you are having it administered by the specialist practitioner. Doing this gets results. The results are positive in over ninety percent of cases being treated by specialist men’s clinics. The priapus treatment, also known as PRP, entails the use of platelet rich plasma.

priapus shot

The plasma used encourages the natural growth of the penis. It also enhances the strength of the sexual sensation that should be created during intercourse. Results-wise, increased penis girth and length comes about through increased blood flow. The priapus shot is also good for those who need to undergo other treatments, strictly controlled by their specialist practitioner.